Working through a filter of emotions

Last weekend was enlightening. I realized a few things that have given me a better perspective towards living.

There have been a lot of instances when the thought of a “perfect life” led to deep thinking.

I could never come to a satisfying conclusion until this time. I had been pushing myself hard at work. Last Friday, when everyone had left and I was about to wrap up, I got a call from my mother.

We had not been able to talk much. On receiving the call, the first thing I heard her ask was, “Have you eaten?” A pretty basic Indian mother thing to ask, right?

It hit different this time. I felt a surge of emotions, it was perhaps the workload and the exhaustion but the peace in her soft voice had a strangely calming effect on me.

Typically, I started analyzing my reaction and realized the absent presence of emotions in my routine. That weekend, I met some of my friends, laughed my heart out, and even felt lonely once they had left. This — the emotional richness — was what I had started missing in life. Amidst the strive to meet deadlines, report back to clients, keep a record of the employees, my daily life had begun to exclude enjoying the little things.

The moment I regained those feelings, experienced the fun and happiness again, it gave me a lot of clarity. I did have a full-fledged debate inside my head, though, and this is what kept bothering me:

I asked myself that if emotions did play such an important role then how vital was it for us to experience them all?

We read and see many things that reinforce the idea of ‘feeling’ but it often happens that emotions take a back seat. I remember having a conversation with one of my interns about how she had been feeling unproductive and that her writings were not coming out as passionate.

After talking for a while, we both realized that she had been stressing too much about the results of her endeavors rather than enjoying (or not enjoying) the process. On the other hand, there was always a fear inside her that if she started to feel everything, see things through the lens of emotions, she would end up getting diverted from her goals.

I find truth in both her inhibitions. What needed to be done was to find a balance between her detached mechanism and her overwhelming investment.

There is, perchance, a perfect way to live life but I am not sure if it exists at all. Individuals have various ways that they deem suitable for the correct way of leading their lives.

Humans are different, their emotions make them more empathetic, sensible, or even devious to each other. Yet, this is what makes us superior — that we can feel. If that is how we are constituted, shouldn’t our work be the same? We are creatures who spend the majority of our existence working, thriving for a better position socially, financially, and emotionally.

We are what our work is because that is what occupies most part of us. As much as we perceive that feelings should not intertwine with work, the profession loses its charm without passion. Every profession, especially the ones requiring creative imagination, has an artistic perception. Art is incomplete without emotions.

If, then, experiencing emotions is our topmost priority, should equal significance of emotions not be given to the content we create as well?

Content is, after all, what our mind reads, perceives, and produces. Whatever we go through, it gets reflected in our creation. Even the taste of bitter coffee or a quick disagreement with a colleague before getting to work has a certain effect on our content. This is something that goes unnoticed. Content results in being as emotionally rich as our understanding of life. The content which has the power to stimulate the emotions among readers automatically takes a better shape.

So, if the creation makes us feel the thrill, joy, anger, or shock, that becomes its ultimate checker, does it not?

Whether it is life or the content we create, emotional investment always plays an important role in our ways of surviving- whether it is personal or professional and it is better the sooner it gets recognized by us.




Spontaneous being.

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Divyank Jain

Divyank Jain

Spontaneous being.

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