My partner only knew one thing while selling and it became his biggest strength

If I tell you about what his biggest strength is on the first line itself, I am not sure if you will read the entire blog ever. But if I do as my business partner, there is no point in delaying it further. His strength is, to be honest, and genuine while selling.

Let me cut the bullshit first

His first approach has always been to go straight on the point, if required be subtle or not harsh while throwing bad news, but whatever he says, is always honest. I have seen him tell our prospective clients ‘Your content is so good that you don’t need us at all. All you need is consistency, which you can get through a college-going intern. It would be a waste of your time and money to get us on board.’

Saying ‘No’ got us to work

This helped us so much in the long run because our clients were impressed by my partner’s honesty. We, as discussed, didn’t take that project but gave the impression that we would only do the right thing. The prospect came to us a few months down the line, this time with a bigger work, only because he remembered our suggestion and although he didn’t do it that time, he wanted us to work on two things now.

1.The initial project which we didn't take

Because we were not required. But this time, the client wanted us to do it because he was not getting the honest intern who could help him with content. He didn’t have the time to manage another team, either. And he wanted to start working with something.

2.Share a proposal for another project

A bigger one of the brands he was associated with, where he wanted us to consult him on content and also prepare it from scratch. And because he knew: whatever we will tell him, however harsh, will always be honest.

There’s another way to do it

Since this comes naturally to him, it is not a trick. I, on the other hand, see myself as a screwed marketer, who has to plan to be genuine in his approach. It took me a hard time to tell someone on their face that we are not ready for the work. In my mind, it was simple: let me take the project and figure it out later. Although that’s another good way for the young and inexperienced to get work, what I learned was, tell them up front that we will figure it out.

‘This is something very interesting and we would love to do this. Although we don’t have the right skill set to do it, we would want to try, and also we will take the help of experts along the way.’

Genuinity eventually becomes profitability

Not being plastic works well most of the time. It is always dangerous to put all your cards out, but it has two benefits: it builds up trust and it gives you a lot of satisfaction, as you know you have done the right thing.

It might not work all the time. You might face problems, egos might be hurt and people might not want to see you ever again because you have been too honest in terms of telling them something they don’t want to listen to. This is a learning curve on being honest while not hurting someone’s sentiments. And well, aren’t we all learning every day?

But for sales, I say with confidence that this is the right approach. Because sooner or later, everyone figures out who you really are, and if you tell them first, it will have its benefits.

This is The Wise Idiot for us, you see we are wise and idiots in our own ways, if we think alike, let’s collaborate and create awesome content together, which is our goal too!

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Spontaneous being.

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Divyank Jain

Divyank Jain

Spontaneous being.

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