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Divyank Jain
4 min readMay 5, 2022


It is tough to answer the random question, ‘What’s your favourite movie?’ So, there are movies, and there are movies. Confused, yet? That’s what it’s like to answer this question. Nevertheless, I am listing down my set of movie hits. In case someone asks me next time, they just need to read this post. You can use it for your convenience as well, or you can share it with your friends who need a list to binge-watch on the weekend.

Wake up Sid

From the songs to the way Sid dresses up; from the love of photography to not able to figure out the seriousness of life, there is a lot in common between Sid and me. We both love morning sleep, Mumbai rains, and mother’s love.

Well, that’s not it. Wake Up Sid is a movie that makes you love yourself more and give a damn about how you want to live your life. Somewhere, this is a stepping stone to awesomeness. If you feel you are stuck with your life, why not get some fuel from Wake up Sid and Amit Trivedi’s lovely music.


From the first track, Main Aisa Kyu Hu, to the hairstyle and my North Indian-ness, Lakshya is the movie millennials loved and wondered why it never got due credit. From the war scene to last-minute silence before the final flag hosting, it talks a lot about how we all have a patriotic heart despite a casual, carefree persona. And, in this time of war and peace, we want to hear a soldier say, ‘Who wants the war?’

Taare Zameen Par

As a Statement of Purpose-writer and live storyteller, I interact with a lot of engineers planning to go to the US for Masters. They have the same story: from the very first day, they knew maths very well. The understood the practicality and logic like no one else. We all know those kids from our school, but for me, it was never the case.

My basics are not strong. I see stars while solving equations. But hey, I have other skills for sure! And who will not love to wander on a busy street of Mumbai as a school kid? Darshil Safari may be lost in us, but he was there in me. And, he is happy he got his mentor, too.


From the scene of reciting a poem to a friend and then asking him ‘Samajh aayi?’ to going on a journey of ups and downs and writing everything in your diary. I have done it all. Udaan is a brilliant movie which has its own charm and just like Tare Zameen Par, the star kid was lost just after one movie.

Gully Boy

Ah, the movie that stole everyone’s heart. Just like any other creative film, it is raw. For a movie buff like me, I love to patiently watch the movie evolving itself. I love the side characters, story build-ups and shots which we can pick and take home. Gully Boy has a lot of them. The ‘flamboyant’ Ranveer Singh is nowhere to be seen and Zoya Akhtar’s hard work exuberates in every shot. Gully Boy has the power of bringing the cult into the mainstream, and India’s hip-hop is just around the corner.


Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal is on the list because of many reasons. It helps you understand politics very well. It gives you an idea of what films are about, it gives you a new perspective of storytelling which is not like a mainstream Bollywood movie. I love this movie for its dialogues, characters, songs (one of the best album), Piyush Mishra and so much more. Gulaal is a tough movie to watch and understand but it is cinema we all must understand and learn.

Batman: The Dark Knight, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dev D, Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Rang De Basanti, Chak De India… the list only gets longer from here.

Some of them are modern day classics, while the others are sheer brilliance of cinema and just some good films to watch. These films aren’t spoken about much, but someday when you are alone and want to rewatch a good movie, here is my life. Wait! You can also use this link to start a conversation with a person you just swipe right on Tinder/Bumble because what else than talking about your favourite movies, right?

If you do it, do tell us. Also, what are your favourite movies to add to the list?



Divyank Jain