Common mistakes people make with their investors pitch deck

Divyank Jain
3 min readMay 5, 2022


The most sought-after way to get your investor’s pitch deck right you’ve been looking for, and here it is.

Amongst our array of dreams, stereotypically, we want to be an entrepreneur at least once in our lives because we think we can fix that one thing that drove another startup to the ground. We think it’s a talent hidden for long but popping its head out at just the right time. However, most of the time, it goes back into hiding because of low cash flow.

We’re confident that we can run the business well, but how do you start a business without some seed money? That’s where we approach our angels — our investors. (no pun intended)

Unfortunately, convincing your investors is no walk in the park; even if it’s not your first pitch or that you’ve run a business for decades. Raising money is hard. This is the time when you’re selling your idea, and it has to look good to an investor to strike a deal.

Once you know your potential investor, it’s time to grab that chair, sit in front of your computer and design a kickass presentation. PPT, Canva, Prezi or on paper; whatever suits you. It has to convey one message out loud — “I am going to make you rich.”

You are your business:
A lot of content is involved in an investor’s pitch deck: your mission, purpose, concept, etc. They’re all essential, but not as important as the one where you describe you and your team. Many don’t focus on this slide when in reality most investors are emotional fools. They put money, not on the businesses, but people they love, and in this case it is you. So, make sure you pitch yourself in the best way to get those green notes.

A good design makes a big difference:
Inherently, we’re not mind-readers. However, the simple designs and pleasant colors have a soothing effect on the mind. You need to research the product or business and create a theme of colors in a way that would increase engagement. Not just colors but fonts, icons, and white space too make a difference in the presentation.

Crystal clear facts, figures, and market research:
You may need professional here because your pitch has to be the best, easy to understand and error free. People often add long texts to cover all the details, but the whole point of the presentation is to describe your business in brief and say the details out loud.

Every slide is important:
Presenting your idea is similar to narrating an impressive story with timely pauses, right moments and cliffhangers. The flow of a presentation is of immense importance. One redundant slide can throw the entire pitch off, and by extension, your investor.

Be ready for uncomfortable conversations, and many no’s:
In the course of life, we often learn the best lessons the hard way. One valuable lesson to remember is that it’s not easy to get them to shell out money. Like you, they love their hard-earned money. But, lucky for you, they love profits. So they are interested in investing in your business if you can give them what they want — hope for a good profit.

They will ask a lot of questions; each one will get tougher by the minute. All you need to do is — be honest and give the right answers.

We’ve helped people with their pitch decks, and we can help you with yours, too. We’re just a phone call away, so contact us!



Divyank Jain